Study & Training

Classes & Lineage Training

All classes and rituals are conducted in English and you must be over 18 to study.

The teachings are always free, however students may be asked to contribute to the cost of materials needed for rituals and studies, based on their financial means.

Training is based on the Isis Urania lineage with a focus on individuals taking ownership of their own personal practice. Students will be expected to meet regularly to learn and to study independently when not meeting. The training structure is rigorous and will require a high level of commitment.

At this point in time, given the context of Covid, students will meet virtually to discuss materials and then do independent work and circles.

Sabbats & Esbats

At this time, all sabbats and esbats will be celebrated independently. New students will be given a meditation practice and ritual exercises that can be done as a pre-first degree initiate from the comfort of their own home.

Post Covid, students will be expected to gather for sabbats and some esbats, as training requires. This structure deviates slightly from more traditional practices in covens within the Isis Urania lineage.

That said, dates that students are expected to attend will be clearly established and students will need to consider the Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year and the Esbats in their schedule, as it applies to their practice, even if it falls on a week day evening.

Personal Practice

Students will be expected to commit to a daily practice. Magical and spiritual training is just that, training. Therefore, in order to grow in the practice, students will need to work on their practice regularly.

From daily libations, meditation and journaling to independent study and self-reflection, becoming a witch requires self-discipline and practice.

While initiation into traditional Wicca and magical training in this lineage are open to all, they are not for everyone. More students will drop out than complete the training. You will have reactions and find it difficult at times. The practice will change you as you grow as a person and a practitioner. Be aware that Wicca is as much about character training and growth as it is about magical training; while much is published, the way the system is put together emphasizes this in your training.

Want to apply to study?

If you are interested in studying please email a letter of application that includes your full name, the date, time and location of your birth, and a formal, thought out letter explaining your personal reasons for applying to: